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The RSA Clusters Group is a manufacturing industry led initiative to implement strategic corrective actions to help the manufacturing cluster, or parts thereof, to achieve their collective goals. The Group provides the structures, mechanisms and tools that combine to provide a platform for corrective action. Cluster Initiatives facilitate and coordinate at a higher level, whilst mandated  workgroups originate, propose, outline, and carry out cluster interventions across various industries, supply chains and sectors, for the benefit of local industries. 


A cluster consists of manufacturing companies, service providers, subject matter specialists, associations and institutions that make up an industry segment of the economy. Clusters form naturally as concentrations of companies in the same field collocate and grow in a particular area. A Cluster Initiative is a facilitated and coordinated effort within which cluster interventions take place. A cluster intervention empowers independent companies and stakeholders to work together toward shared values and goals, and to address challenges facing the industry as a whole. The RSA Clusters Group was formed by industry to be a hub for such activity to take place.


By combining the skills and experience of the industrialists themselves to those held by specialists, institutions, associations and alike, the Group benefits from some of the best inputs, insights and knowledge the industry has to offer. This synergy helps to push a unified message and a shared direction. The Group provides an inclusive platform for collaboration. 


The RSA Clusters Group would like to have many more manufacturing companies, service providers, and associations get involved in corrective actions - the practice of finding solutions, and dealing with challenges collectively. We know that change is needed to help make sustainable manufacturing a reality in South Africa. As manufacturers, we know that you want to help make a difference.  We invite you to find out more, then consider joining the cluster. 

Established Industry Clusters

CFMC Logo.png
Casting, Forging and Machining Cluster of South Africa NPC
ETIC Logo.png
Electro Technical Industry Cluster of South Africa NPC
Rail Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa NPC

Formal Letters

Letters written by the clusters to government.

CFMC Letter - Response to Proposed Changes to the Electricity Regulation Act and Electricity Pricing Policy in 2022

Industry Response - Proposed Changes to the Preferential Procurement Regulation in 2022

Letter to the Department of Labour: Compassion for the Unemployed Youth

Industry Response - Competitions Commission Proposed Block Exemptions for SMMEs

More Letters

Position Papers

Industry Profiles: Using Knowledge for Growth

The RSA Clusters Group envisions the creation of a single place to search and find South African industrial products and manufacturers. Using responsible technologies that keep companies in control of their own data, we wish to create a platform, owned by industry itself, that will make it easy for a buyer or industrial stakeholder to search the local industry for what they are looking for. These company profiles will lead the way to greater industry knowledge and understanding, empowering support structures and government in their activities and helping manufacturers make informed decisions.

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