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Clustering objectives

To provide...

  • Specialist industry knowledge

  • A standard platform for the establishment and ongoing management of constituted clusters

  • A mechanism for communications and dissemination of market and cluster related information

  • A mechanism to monitor and report progress towards cluster objectives


To enable...

  • Social networks to self-identify synergistic opportunities

  • Access to supplier development, cluster, and project funding

  • Establishment of special purpose manufacturing clusters with a focus on access to market and import replacement.​

  • Reporting of information across clusters and sectors.

  • Inclusive participation

  • Product-focus research in the industrial and technical sense:

    • Industrial: to create awareness and an understanding of markets

    • Technical: to develop technical innovations and local design competencies

  • The successful implementation of integrated turnkey projects

  • Preparation of competitive manufacturing capacity and competencies for enterprise and supplier development.


What are the anticipated outcomes?
Informed and compliant companies; manufacturing expansion; job creation; and micro-economic growth. 

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