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Participation Benefits

Simply by being, your company is already a member of some or other community, whether it be an industrial area, specialist supplier community, or a cluster of similar suppliers in an industry. In most instances, these are naturally forming communities without a structured means of being part of an inclusive and enabling solution. You are grateful for things that work, and get frustrated by the things that don't. You may feel limited in your ability to fix things yourself. You are tired of talk. You want action.

By becoming a member of a Cluster Initiative, your company becomes an integral part of a purpose-driven collective that provides rights, and gives you more than just a place where you can be heard, voice your concerns, and be part of the discussion. We are aware that talking about issues has its place, and that the hope of changes to come might offer some consolation, but we want you to know this: talk and wishful thinking is not good enough. The RSA Clusters Group wants more for you. Without someone carrying out cluster interventions and corrective actions, nothing discussed becomes reality. We offer you a vehicle to empower those that take initiative, in a manner that is collaborative and industry-led.

In return for a membership fee, Cluster Initiatives provide members with the structures, mechanisms and tools that companies need to work together, collaborate and find common purpose. We also provide the professional facilitation and coordination needed to oversee activities in a responsible and transparent manner. We help you to become part of the solution, making external and internal improvements, to improve your company's prospects for success. Projects and work streams will be deep diving into industry or product specific topics of common concern.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself - Henry Ford

Participation Benefits

  1. A place where you can be heard, voice your concerns and be part of the discussion.

  2. A place where you can be a part of the solution.

  3. A say in the leadership and process of decision-making used for cluster activities.

  4. A place to participate in the sharing of ideas (become a thought starter), defining and scoping of projects, and the birthing of meaningful industry initiatives.

  5. A say in how collective industry resources are used.

  6. A place where you can help shape future plans for the improvement and sustainability of an industry.

  7. Networking with companies and institutions in your field.

  8. A place that you can call for the support of your colleagues to tackle endemic issues and centralised powers.

  9. A functional place for open discussion, encouraging involvement from representatives throughout member companies i.e. we want more than just executives.

  10. A platform to engage policy makers and industrial government support.

  11. Participate in the development of a world-class industry knowledge platform for local manufactures.

  12. Facilitated access to subject matter experts.

  13. A body that can act as the public face of a collective action, so your company does not have to.

  14. A way to take preventative measures, collectively, to ensure the safety and feasibility of your industry moving forward.

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