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The membership is structured and managed in a way that members are registered as belonging to the RSA Clusters Group, as well as the industry clusters that they want to participate in. This allows them to only pay once, yet participate in any cluster offered by the Group. We recognize that businesses are often complex and span industries, sectors and value chains. We are structured to accommodate those needs.

The Group also encourages partner relationships with other industry institutions and support structures e.g. associations, clusters, chambers, councils, professional bodies, unions, etc. Such partners are registered as affiliate members.

We believe that all manufacturers should be part of the manufacturing cluster initiatives, and are working hard to address the cost of membership. We will continue in our quest to reduce costs. For starters: cluster partners join for free. Once registered, our partner's members will enjoy discounted cluster fees. To make it more attractive to members, the fees for all member categories are capped at their joining rate.

Disclaimer: The contents of the member list is controlled by the members themselves. Neither Recapitalise SA (Pty) Ltd., RSA Clusters Group NPC, or any of its industry clusters and/or members can be held liable for the contents above, whether legally or otherwise. To report content, please feel free to contact us with the details provided.

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