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About Us


What are clusters?
Why join the Group?

The RSA Clusters Group is a group of industry-led clusters and workgroups that carry out cluster interventions across various industries, supply chains and sectors, for the benefit of local industry. A cluster consists of manufacturers, service providers, specialists, associations, chambers, councils and institutions that make up an industry segment of the economy. A cluster intervention empowers those stakeholders to work together toward shared values and goals, and to address challenges facing the industry as a whole. A cluster may form naturally, but a cluster intervention is a facilitated and coordinated effort. The Group was formed by industry to be a hub for such activity.

By combining the skills and experience of the industrialists themselves to those held by specialists, institutions, associations and alike, the Group benefits from some of the best inputs, insights and knowledge the industry has to offer. This synergy helps to push a unified message and a shared direction.


The RSA Clusters Group provides an inclusive platform for collaboration. When a need arises, a purpose driven workgroup is formed to meet the particular needs of the situation, whether it takes the form of a formal consortium, an industry cluster, a project team, a task team or a discussion group. Where appropriate, we may also build on and support an existing industry collective with their efforts, as not to waste time and resources duplicating efforts.

Our values

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