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Established Clusters

Casting, Forging and Machining Cluster of South Africa NPC


The Casting, Forging and Machining Cluster (CFMC) is a formal, industry-led initiative to bring the collective of manufacturers in the cast metals, forging, machining and associated industries together.

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Electro Technical Industry Cluster of South Africa NPC


The Electro Technical Industry Cluster (ETIC) is a formal, industry-led initiative to bring the collective of manufacturers and service providers in the electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electro-technical, software and associated industries together.

Rail Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa NPC


The Rail Manufacturers Cluster is a formal, industry-led initiative to bring the collective of manufacturers and associated service providers that operate in the South African rail sector together.

Focus Areas


The cluster promotes localisation through a drive for import replacement and the advocacy for properly enforced local content requirements. By promoting locally produced, South African products, and helping the dti with the enforcement of local content restrictions, we empower local manufacturers to partake in the existing local marketplace.

Supplier Development

The needs of the buying community determine the requirements and technology that will be necessary for demand to be met by ready supply side manufacturers and service providers. The cluster aims to help suppliers to understand this demand and make the correct investments and process developments for this future demand to be met. This is an ongoing process that results in market readiness for existing and future markets.

Access to Market

Through efforts made to localise and improve competitiveness, the cluster also builds collaborative relationships with government at various levels, state-owned enterprise and large original equipment manufacturers. The aim is to work towards creating better opportunities for local manufacturers, help solving problems and to assist them to meet local content requirements through supplier development.

Cooperative Synergy

The cluster is an industry-led collaborative effort to advance the use of locally produced products and services. Cluster members represent some of the best manufacturers and service providers in South Africa. By working together, the cluster can achieve more than any one organisation can alone, and more than the sum of each individual effort put together.


The RSA Clusters Group, though its industrial clusters strives to build competitiveness throughout the value chain, with the ultimate goal being a sustainable manufacturing industry in South Africa. Local content requirements are good for building demand for locally manufactured products, however, it is not sustainable. The cluster and its members know that being competitive is the only way to create the sustainable manufacturing industry of tomorrow.

Changing Perceptions

The cluster aims to change the perception of buyers toward locally produced products and engineering abilities in South Africa. By fostering competitiveness, driving out barriers and providing perspective to members, the cluster hopes to help improve the local supply, and change buyer perceptions of what is possible. We want to show the buying community that they should allow local industry to show them that they are reliable.

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