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Rail Manufacturers Cluster of
South Africa


Our Vision

Striving for a globally competitive rail sector in South Africa.

Who are we?

The Rail Manufacturers Cluster is an industry led, registered non-profit, consisting of a collective of manufacturers and associated service providers that operate in the South African rail sector.

The cluster is committed to work together to address the challenges facing our members and the local industry as a whole. The cluster actively works to establish collaboration alliances with government, industry support structures, and other bodies, with the aim of using collaborative resources to implement action plans that will stimulate the use of local capacity and improve the competitiveness of South African made products. 

With a large focus area of the cluster being localistion, through import replacement, the cluster aims to get more work for our members by gaining access to opportunities in the existing local marketplace, forming supportive and productive relationships with new project facilitators and creating new market opportunities. 

Together, the collective bargaining power, great structures and open cooperation of the cluster and its members can forge forth a South Africa first industry, which rewards locally produced rail products, improving local manufacturing and contributing toward job creation.

More is coming soon...

Our cluster webpages are under active development. Please check back soon.

Contact Rail Cluster

Contact Us

Office Telephone

+27 (61) 244 1234

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