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Membership Fees

Participation of corporate members in a cluster is a procured right of membership, that passes to a new member by formal written agreement, and comes into effect once the initial fees due, are paid. This agreement is open-ended and binding on both parties until cancelled, or terminated. Membership fees are due and payable in full at the beginning of each year, or in pre-approved circumstances, are paid in monthly instalments at the beginning of each month.


The minimum fee for membership is R1200 per year, and is calculated based on the member’s annual turnover in the previous financial year. When a new member joins, a discount on the annual fee is automatically granted, by a pro-rating process, based on the duration of the membership period in the 1st year, applying a 12 month calendar (i.e. January to December). Simply put, this means that new members are only paying for the duration of the year for which they are members. Fees include Value Added Tax (VAT). The breakdown of fees are provided in the table below.

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