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Industry Profiles: Using Knowledge for Growth

The RSA Clusters Group envisions the creation of a single place to search and find South African industrial products and manufacturers. Using responsible technologies that keep companies in control of their own data, we wish to create a platform, owned by industry itself, that will make it easy for a buyer or industrial stakeholder to search the local industry...

Position Paper - Improving Competitiveness (Cover).png
Improving Competitiveness: Leveraging Strategic Advantage

Imagine a world where there where high technology, variety, and customisation along with specialist products are available to customers at dramatically lower prices; a world where the value-for-money equation offered to global consumers has been transformed. The RSA Cluster Group agenda is to leverage a combination of advantages to help independent businesses in the manufacturing cluster community in South Africa, to learn how to collaborate for increased competitiveness, and to create new opportunities. Unlocking potential in the Southern African regional value chain is our immediate target...

Position Paper - Unlocking Youth Potential (Cover).png
Future Proofing the Cluster: Unlocking Youth Potential

South African youth are faced with limited choices when they enter the domestic job market, seeking employment: to accept a job at all costs; to stay in the country in the hope of getting a job; to stay in the country and withdraw from the labour market; to leave the country to seek work elsewhere in the world, or to set up an entrepreneurial venture. For those choosing to stay in South Africa, the odds of finding a job are low...

More position papers to come, shortly.

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